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Claimdog is a free online service that shows you if you have any unclaimed money from various businesses and organizations. You can just search by your name and state, and it will show you if any money is owed to you by state or insurance, or any other entity. Not only that, it will actually help you get that unclaimed money as well.

A lot of people are busy with their daily life to care about money that they’ve lost or haven’t claimed in service cash backs, tax returns, businesses, stocks, bonds, etc.

According to Claimdog, over 60 billion dollars are unclaimed by Americans in various deposits. And in lot of the cases, people don’t even know that they are owed that money. So, Claimdog starts by telling you what money is owed to you, and then will help you get you hard earned cash back by submitting your claim to the State website. Claimdog can also help with the middleman work between you and the state to get your money back, but it will cost 10% of the money you are reclaiming.


Claimdog searches public lists to bring you these claims. They also help you in sorting all the difficulties that you face when filing a claim. A fact to note is that this service is based in California, so if you’re claiming for money in some other state, you’ll be redirected to that state’s unclaimed property website, where you can directly file claim for unclaimed money.

So let’s get our money back shall we? You can also try out a money manager to take better care of your capital.

How to Claim your Uncliamed Money Using Claimdog

To claim your unclaimed money on Claimdog, log on to the website and enter your first name, last name and click on Search My Name. A page will open with a list of claims that Claimdog has matched and a search bar at the top. You can refine the search too. Click Advanced on the search bar to enter the City you live in, your Middle Name and click Search.

claim search

Each claim in the list provides the name of the claimant and address. If a claim matches your own, click on Details to go further.  If your claim is not from California then make sure you note the unclaimed deposit number on top of the claim.


On the next page, you’ll get details of the amount of money you’re owed, your full address, the organization that owes you money and the reason you’re owed money. Click on Claim it and you’ll proceed to register your email and a password. You’ll have to enter various personal info like your birth date and your Social Security number. Later you’ll have to assemble the documents and proofs of your claim. When you’re done, you can sign and submit.


When you register, you’ll also be provided a dashboard where you can keep a tab of all your claims and add more. You can also refer to a friend. If you share Claimdog on Facebook and your friend saves 1000$ through it, you’ll be awarded 50$.

My Analysis

Claimdog is really an awesome and ingenious service to get your lost money back. There are no hidden charges to this service (till I’ve tested) and it’s completely free unless you sought their help to do all the paperwork. Even though I don’t have a legitimate claim to an unclaimed capital, I read first hand reviews of people on ProductHunt that legitimately got their money back. I give this service 5 stars for its service and uniqueness.

Try Claimdog here.

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