Best 5 Websites To Try Virtual Makeover Online

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Do you have troubles with decision making over your look? This article is gonna save you from that trouble. It covers 5 websites to try Virtual Makeover online. With the help of these websites, you can try makeup by uploading your picture. All it takes is a few clicks and in couple of minutes, it’ll be a lot easier to make that decision. It does not stops there; you can try different hairstyles, makeup products of various popular brands, sunglasses, etc.

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Here Are The Top 5 Websites To Try Virtual Makeover Online:

MakeOvr is a website where you can try virtual makeover online. It has online makeup simulation to try makeup on your photo. You can upload your photo or import it from Facebook. For best results, capture a photo according to their guidelines that cover your entire face without any obstacle (hair, etc.).

Virtual Makeover Online

On, you get following options for a virtual makeover:

For your face, you can try different Foundation, Concealer, Blush, Contour, and Highlight from a large variety of options.

For eyes, you get tons of options for Shadow, Liners, Mascara, and Brows.

For lips, you can try different Lip Color, Lip Gloss, and Lip Liner.

Under Skin option, you get two options, Skin-Care and Anti-aging. You can add effects like tanning, rosacea, etc. under Skin-Care. And under Anti-aging, you can remove aging signs (like wrinkles, etc.) from different parts of your face.

In the hair section, you can try hairstyle of celebrities on yourself. You can trim a hairstyle and change the brushing direction for best fit. You can also try different hair colors as well.

Here you can try different nail paints and styles from a large variety.

anti-aging makeup

And in the end, you can compare the before/after photos to see the results.

Give it a try here.


With, you can find new look by experimenting with latest makeup trends, using different hairstyles, changing hair color, etc. Apart from that, you can try hairstyle of popular celebrities and adjust face shape & size for better results.

makeup products

In the hair section, you can pickup hairstyles of popular celebrities which are sorted by Up-Do’s, Half-Up, and Down. You can try different hair colors to see what color suits you better.

For your eyes, you can makeover with different color tones and styles for Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Mascara, and Eyebrows.

For lips,  you can try different lip color from a large variety of color tones. You can further adjust it to make it more natural and clean.

In the face section, you can try different Foundation, Tan, Blush, and Concealer to see what combination is best for you. You can also adjust the amount of makeup according to your preference.

In this section, there are various options for anti-aging, for example, you can reduce forehead wrinkles (if any), reshape nose, lift brows, etc.

virtual makeover

Give it a try here.

LookGoodFeelBetter is another website to get virtual makeover online. Here, you can try makeover on face, eyes, lips, and hair. You can enhance your look with a ton of different options that you can try. Also, you can try different hairstyles with different hair colors.

foundation, concealer, blush

All the options for a virtual makeover on this website are almost same as others. The difference is, instead of giving you a large grid of colors/tones to choose from, it shortens those out. Every section has three options, for example, the color tones for face foundation are shorted in Fair, Medium, and Dark. After you select that, you get a wheel of different tones to choose from.


Furthermore, it keeps track of your recent color choices so that you can switch to them instantly. You can adjust the amount of each makeup item by a simple slider. When you are done, you can compare the before/after photos and can download your virtual makeover photo.

Give it a try here.

Nykaa is an e-commerce website that sells fashion and beauty products of various brands. It has a makeover simulator, where you can try the makeup products of various popular brands. Rather than having a huge confusing range of color tones, it has specific products from popular brands. This saves you from the hurdle of searching a product with the same color tone that you used in your makeover.

eye liner, lip gloss

The products you use in your makeover are added in a “What I’m Wearing” list. And, from there, you can get their names with prices and can also add to your Nykaa shopping cart (only available in India).

virtual makeover online

Give it a try here.


The last entry in this list is It is one of the popular websites for virtual try-on. You can browse popular and trending looks, hairstyles, etc. You can also see what’s the latest trend and try that on yourself. It covers all the essential essence for a makeover. All the makeup items listed on this websites are from various brands. As you choose a product, it shows you that product’s name and brand along with the price. You can choose products from the color tone wheel or you can sort them out by brands.

hairstyles, hair color

Apart from other virtual makeover websites, it has two extra options: Accessories and Complete Looks. In Accessories, you can try sunglasses and contact lenses. And, in the Complete Looks, you get a list of popular celebrities’ looks which you can try for yourself.

online virtual makeover

It makes a list of everything you wear in the makeover and from there, you can easily note that down.

Give it a try here.

Closing Words

All these websites to get virtual makeover online are easy to use. The essentials for makeup are almost common in all of them. The actual differences come down to the additional options provided by some of them, like Complete Looks, listing the names of the products you use, etc. Try them out and lets us know which one you like.

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