4 Online Genogram Maker Websites Free

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In this article, I will cover 4 free online genogram maker websites.

A genogram is an advanced family tree map that shows detailed biological data and relationship among individuals. Because it can have biological data, it can also be used to display medical history as well. Genograms can have a really useful application in family therapy. With a detailed genogram, one can identify personality traits and risk of genetic disease.

This article covers 4 free websites that can help you make genogram online. You can simply draw the family tree with these websites and add personal and biological information. In the end, you can download the genogram in various file formats depending on each website. So, let’s get started.

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Here Are 4 Free Online Genogram Maker Websites:


free online genogram maker

ProgenyGenetics.com offers a free risk modeling and pedigree software that lets you make genogram online. Making genogram with this software is very easy. It offers two modes to make genograms:

  • Pedigree Builder: This mode takes input as text fields and builds a genogram for you.
  • Draw Pedigree: This mode allows you to draw the genogram by yourself.

You can use any of these modes to make genogram as per your convenience. After making a genogram with the Pedigree Builder mode, you can still edit later.

In the genograms, this software used circle shape for female, square shape for male, and diamond shape for unknown gender. You can also add adopted status, deceased or alive status, and matrimonial status for each person. Apart from that, you can also add biological information like conditions, genetic diseases, etc. After making the genogram, you can print it as a pdf or save as an image.

You can try this free online genogram maker website here.


online genogram maker free

FamilyEcho.com is another free website where you can make genogram online. To use FamilyEcho genogram maker tool, you have to create an account here. By creating an account, you can save all your genogram online and access them anywhere.

The genogram maker tool here has a very simple user interface with a large canvas area and an input panel to add information. The information panel has four main information sections:

  • Personal: To add personal information of a selected person such as first name, surname at birth, surname now, gender, etc.
  • Partners: To add personal information about their partners such as type, wedding date, location, etc.
  • Contact: To add contact information of a selected person.
  • Biological: To add biological information of a selected person such as genetic diseases, personality traits, etc.

To make a genogram here, first, you can add a person and then build a genogram around him/her. In the end, you can save the genogram to your FamilyEcho account or export it as dynamic HTML, GEDCOM, FamilyScript, CSV, or plain text.

Give this free online genogram maker website here.


make genogram online for free

The next free online genogram maker website on this list is PedigreeDraw.com. The main focus of this tool is on the biological information rather than the general family history. Here, you can add persons using the right-click context menu and add their details. In the details, you can add name, date of birth, date of death, age, notes, genetic test status, BRCA1 mutation, BRCA2 mutation, Ashkenazi, and more.

This tool represents the gender with different shapes and relation with different colors. You can click an entry to view the options to add relatives. On top of that, you can color code the shapes to display genetic and historical information and add the legend as well. After making the genogram you can share it online via emails and add collaborators. You can also download it as a PNG, SVG, or PDF file.

Try this free online genogram maker here.


free genogram templates

Template.net doesn’t have any actual online genogram maker instead it offers dozens of templates for the genograms. Here, you can find various types of genograms with different styles and colors. There are blank genogram templates and templates with sample data as well. All these templates are available in MS Word and Portable Document formats. You can download these templates and add your data to make genogram.

You can download easy-to-use genogram templates from here.

Final Verdict

These are the few genogram maker websites which can make the process of creating genograms a lot easier for you. Depending on your requirements, you can use any of these genogram makers. Go ahead, give them a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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