Convert Emoji To Unicode Online With These 10 Free Websites

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This article covers 10 free websites to convert emoji to Unicode online.

Decade by decade, technology is improving at a very rapid pace. We are constantly trying to find new and better ways to do specific tasks, and sometimes, finding new ways leads to cranky discoveries. Some of them gain the attention and become mainstream whereas some come and go. Emoji is also one of those cranky things; a small digital image that represents an idea or emotion.

As of now, there are hundreds of emojis approved as a part of Unicode and we use them in communication and social media. Like different languages and scripts, Emoji is also encoded for the digital representation and each emoji has a Unicode value. With these websites, you can find the Unicode value for emojis.

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Here Are 10 Free  Websites To Convert Emoji To Unicode Online:

emoji to unicode is the official Unicode website where you can find the Unicode data for languages, scripts, software, etc. The emojis have iterative versions which are updated frequently. The Unicode standard maintains the emoji database and makes them universal. Same emoji might have different representation on different OEMs and platforms. You might have noticed, the emoji on iPhone doesn’t look same on Android, Facebook, or Twitter. This is because OEMs and platforms design their emoji graphics themselves. Despite being different in appearance, an iPhone grinning face emoji has same Unicode value as Android or any other platform.

This website keeps track of all the emoji iterations. Here, you can find all the versions of emojis up to the current v11. It has a detailed list of emoji where it shows the various representation of emojis. It covers regular HTML version of emoji along with Apple, Google, Twitter, Emoji One, Facebook, Samsung, Windows, Gmail, and more. Each emoji has its Unicode value written beside it. From this list, you can easily find the Unicode value of emojis.

Find Unicode for emoji on here.

emoji to unicode is a free website that explains the meaning of emojis. The graphical representations it uses from emojis is from WhatsApp. This website sorts the emojis in their respective categories. When you select a category, it shows you a detailed list of emojis under that category. It the list, it displays the WhatsApp emoji representation along a live HTML representation. Then it shows you the name and explains the meaning of each emoji. Next to the name and meaning, there is the Unicode value for each emoji. From this sorted list, you can easily find the Unicode values of Emojis.

You can try this emoji toUnicode website here.

emoji to unicode

Emojipedia is an encyclopedia for emojis. If you want to find any information regarding emojis, this is the website for you. Here, you can find the name and meaning of emojis and see their representation by various OEMs and platforms. It has a search tool which helps you find emojis either by pasting an emoji or typing relevant words. When you click on an emoji, it shows you all the information related to that emoji. In all this information, it also tells when an emoji is added to Unicode, explains its meaning and shows you the Unicode value of emoji. On Emojipedia, you can search an emoji and find its Unicode value easily.

Try Emojipedia to know emoji Unicode here.

emoji to unicode has this nice portal where you can find the Unicode value for different language and scripts including emojis. It covers the latest version of Unicode emojis and you can also see a few earlier versions of emojis as well. It has a search tool at the top which you can use to find emojis. You can search emojis either by their names or by their Unicode values. Below the search tool, it gives you a list of emojis where you can find emojis by their categories. To get the Unicode value of an emoji, simply hover the cursor over that emoji and a popup will appear where you can see the emoji Unicode value along with its name.

Convert emoji to Unicode with Xahlee here.


WhatMoji: know emoji meaning

WhatMoji is a fun website where you can find the meaning of emojis. You can paste an emoji on this website and find its meaning. When you paste and search an emoji, it shows you a list starting with the emoji itself followed by its name and relevant keywords. At the far right end of each row, it shows you the Unicode value of emoji. This way, you can paste an emoji here and finds its Unicode value. You can also paste multiple emojis and search them all together as well.

Know emoji Unicode with WhatMoji here.

emoji to unicode is another free website where you can find the Unicode values for emojis. This website has an Emoji Unicode Table where all the current version of emojis are listed. This table shows you 6 different representation of an emoji covering Native (HTML), Apple, Android (Old), Android (New), Symbola, and Twitter. Next to these representations, it gives you the Unicode value for each emoji along with their short description. With this table, you can easily find the Unicode for emoji.

Get emoji to Unicode list here.

emoji to unicode

EmojisMeanings is a website where you can find full detailed information about emojis. The emojis on this website are sorted in 8 different categories. When you click an emoji from any of those categories, it shows you the emoji name and describes what it means. Next to that, it shows you a comparatively larger graphical representation of that emoji along with its Unicode value written below it. From there, you can copy either of them to your clipboard and use wherever you want. This website also shows additional technological information for emojis like when an emoji is approved as a part of Unicode and in which emoji version it was added.

Find Unicode for emoji with EmojisMeanings here.

emoji to unicode is a free website where you can find the latest news and information about file formats, Unicode, and other relevant topics. It has a complete list of emojis. In this lists, emojis are listed by their Unicode values. It has the graphical representation (image) of the emojis and their names alongside. It shows you the Unicode values of emojis in both, binary and hex representations. You can look for the desired emoji in this list and find its Unicode value.

Get a full list of emoji to Unicode here.

emoji to unicode is another free website where you can find a list of iOS emojis. This website index emojis in their default order sorted by Unicode values. This list has the graphical representations of emojis in the first column followed by their complete name in the second column. In the third column, it has the Unicode values for emojis. The Unicode is in hex values here. You can use the Ctrl+F “Find feature” to look for emoji by their names and find their Unicode values.

Convert emoji to Unicode with Grumdrig here.

emoji to unicode

You can also find Unicode values for emojis on Wikipedia. Wikipedia has a complete table of emojis sorted by their Unicode values. This table has initial Unicode values in the first column and the rest of the columns have incremental hex values. This way, it lists all the emojis as per their Unicode values. You can look for an emoji and get its Unicode value from the table.

Get a complete list of emoji with Unicode on Wikipedia here.

Wrap Up

These are the 10 free websites to convert emoji to Unicode online. With these free websites, you can easily find the Unicode values of emojis. Check them out yourself and share your thoughts on emoji with us in the comments.

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