Add Depth of Field in Photo with this Free Android App

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The depth of field is one of the hot things in the smartphone Industry since past few years. Almost all the OEMs are coming with dual, triple, and even quad-camera setup in order to achieve a richer depth of field in the photos. This is good for the industry as well as for the consumers as the technology is moving forward and becoming more affordable.

But what about those who still use a single camera, or say, has to add depth of field to an exciting 2D photo? Well, if you are an Android or iOS device user 11111111then there is an app that lets you do that. This article covers a free Android app to add depth of field in photos. The name of this app is DPTH, and you can get it from the Play Store or App Store; links are provided later in the article.

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Add Depth of Field in Photo with this Free Android App

DPTH is a free Android app that adds an adjustable depth of field to any image. As per the description of this app, it uses AI to predict the depth of a photo even if it is taken by a single camera.

When you launch this app, it opens the camera viewfinder ready to capture. You can capture an image there or tap the gallery icon left to camera shutter and load an existing photo to this app. As you load a photo, this app takes a few seconds to analyze the photo and creates a depth map. At the bottom right corner of the depth map screen, it gives you a toggle to switch between regular view and depth view. Opposite to this icon, there is a second icon that brings the adjustment settings.

This app lets you adjust the following aspect of the photo:

  • Depth: To adjust the intensity of depth of field.
  • Range: To adjust the area of depth aka focus distance.
  •  Blur: To adjust the amount of blur you want to add to the regular area

If you are not satisfied with the auto-added depth of field, you can customize that with these settings. To do that, first, tap the area on the screen and then adjust the desired setting(s). By customizing these settings, you can easily add depth of field to 2D photos on your phone.

The iOS version of this app offers a parallax effect along with a heat map view and add watermark option. All these options are expecting to come to Android as well in the future updates.

Grab this app for Android devices from Play Store.
Grab this app for iOS devices from App Store.

Closing Words:

DPTH is a nice app to add depth of field to photos upon capture. The results as not as promising as you get with a multi-camera setup with a dedicated depth sensor. But being completely software dependent, its quite good.

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