Windows 8 Official AMD Video Share App To Convert & Share HD Videos

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AMD Video Share, is a free Windows 8 video sharing app. It’s a simple but useful Windows 8 video sharing app. It not only lets you share videos in the two of the top popular social networks of today, but it also automatically converts and compresses video files, so that you can easily upload the big sized videos quickly. The app can access the local Videos and Camera Roll folder of your Windows 8 device. So copy paste the videos if your video is in another location.

The app is published by the AMD itself, and is best used for uploading the HD videos, that takes too much time to get uploaded. It converts HD videos and compresses them. All you have to do is select the video from the available videos, convert and upload. What’s more? the app also gives you three options for converting and compressing videos based on the quality of the video. And once you are done, you can upload and share the video in Facebook and YouTube.

AMD Video Share

Compress HD videos and Share them in Facebook and YouTube using this Windows 8 video sharing app:

There’s no second thought about the app’s usability. Including the video conversion along with sharing them is quite a good feature that the app has. Plus, it also gives you options for the choice of conversion and for uploading videos. That’s a pretty good feature. In place of simply restricting, it is giving you some freedom. The app is simple and with a clear purpose “Convert/compress the videos and share them with friends in Facebook and/or YouTube”. You need to be connected, that is logged in these from within the app, before you upload any video.

AMD Video Share - connecting to Facebook

The app itself give you options to login (connect) to Facebook and YouTube, when you upload the first video. However it does lacks the option to logout. The app’s navigation (switching between screens) is very easy. It is very well designed, and that makes it easy and simplifies the steps of uploading the videos. Every step falls in sequence, just one after another. All you have to do is select video, select the Mode (conversion type: Fast, Balance, and Highest Quality), and select the channel where you want to upload the video; that is Facebook or YouTube. And at last, simply click on Share button.

AMD Video Share - compressed video and choosing the mode

The app also shows your progress in the complete process from selecting a video and converting it, to the final stage of uploading. This is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Also, if you wish you can also abort in-between while compressing the video. Not only that, the app also lets you compare the compressed video and the original video. All you have to do is play the two videos in the app. The app supports full screen mode for playing video, and you can pause-play the videos. Plus there’s a volume control button slider for videos. All these options and buttons, together can help you properly compare the original and compressed video.

AMD Video Share - original and compressed videos

Also, an important step after compressing a video, is the one that includes three choices that you can choose before uploading it in Facebook or YouTube. These includes: Keep Original and Delete Converted, or Keep Original and Keep Converted, or Delete Original and Keep Converted. All these are quite self-explanatory, simply choose the one option that you desire. Next is choosing the channel (Facebook or YouTube), and giving a suitable Title and Description, and finally clicking on Share button.

AMD Video Share - selecting channel and giving title, description

The best use of the app is when you have an HD video that you want to upload in YouTube and/or Facebook. However to some extent the app does depends on your internet speed. The faster your internet and smaller the video size is, the faster it’ll get uploaded.

Key features of this Windows 8 video sharing app:

  • Completely free.
  • Good Windows 8 video sharing app.
  • Compares/converts the big sized videos into smaller size videos.
  • Upload videos in Facebook or YouTube from within the app.
  • Uses internet to work.
  • Simple and clean UI.

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Final note:

AMD Video Share, certainly is a good and handy Windows 8 video sharing app. It’s one good medium to quickly share videos with friends and colleagues in one of the most easiest way possible. Though uploading big sized files does takes time. Still, it’s functional. Being an official app from AMD, it does fulfills it’s job. All in all a good free app.

Get AMD Video Share here.

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