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Uncolored is a free open source document editor with support for HTML and Markdown files for editing. This open source document editor comes with standard word processing options like bold, italic, subscript, ordered lists, unordered lists, find and replace, etc and lets you work on multiple documents at the same time in its multiple tabs. Apart from these basic functionalities, it also provides web-oriented tools to embed images, Youtube, Dailymotion videos, through URL etc. Another exciting feature of this free document editor is that it lets you apply themes to HTML documents. Currently, it offers just 2 themes but you can expect a lot more as it is still in beta mode. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

However, it is not so powerful as compared to MS Word or other replacement of MS Word, but what separates it out from the others is that it comes with a nice and clean interface that lets you work in a distraction-free environment and on multiple documents through different tabs at once.


Editing environment of this open source document editor: Uncolored

As I mentioned earlier, it comes with a clutter free environment for editing HTML and Markdown. All of the editing options are not visible by default and while editing a document, you’ll just see an editing window and the cursor. You can toggle the editing options by selecting a portion of text or by pressing Alt key. You can view other options like Save as, find and replace, etc by hovering your mouse on top of its editing window. It also supports hotkeys for different editing options. So you can quickly edit a document either by using editing toolbar or directly by pressing a hotkey.


It supports most of the basic editing options like making text bold, italic, inserting hyperlinks, Youtube & Dailymotion videos, ordered and unordered lists, etc. However, it does not support the option to insert the images in a document from PC. You can insert images in a document through an image URL. The best part is that you can embed videos from Youtube and other popular websites like Dailymotion and directly play them from its editing interface, as shown in the screenshot below. To embed a Youtube video in it, just press “Alt” key and select Embed video option, which will then prompt you to enter the video URL and then press Enter.


So let’s see the complete list of editing options provided by Uncolored:

  • Heading from level 1 to 6.
  • Inserting Paragraph
  • Quote
  • Bullet lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Insert image from URL.
  • Embed video from Youtube, Dailymotion, etc.
  • Embed web content.
  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Strikethrough
  • Insert/Apply link.
  • Super Script
  • Sub Script
  • Clear format

It provides an efficient tab management system to open and edit multiple documents at the same time. You can simply open any number of documents in multiple tabs in Colored by clicking on “+” button and then switch between them by pressing Control+ Tab to move to the next tab and Control+Shift+Tab for the previous tab. With its simple interface and multi-tab functionality, I am quite sure that it can help in increasing productivity.

Apart from editing options, there are some more options available that you can access by hovering your mouse on top of the editing window:


  • New tab
  • Open a document
  • Save as
  • Close a document
  • Find and replace
  • Document information
  • Print
  • Settings
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Quick Guide

You can also quickly edit a document by using hotkeys for different editing options, like:

  • Heading XL: Control+1
  • Bold: Control+B
  • Italic: Control+1
  • Embed Video: Control+Alt+V, etc.

You can take a quick look on its complete set of supported hotkeys from menu options>>Keyboard shortcuts. After editing a document, you either save it as an HTML or Markdown file.


Uncolored is an open source document editor window for Windows, Linux, and Mac. I will not recommend it if you are looking for a free replacement of MS Word as it just supports HTML and Markdown files for editing. However, you can use it to create HTML files on the go in a distraction-free environment and thus allows you to focus more on the content of the document.

Get Colored from here.

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