How To Test Eyesight Online For Free

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Here is a free online service which allows you to test eyesight online and gives you an idea about your eye power. This online service is not a replacement to optometrist because this service does not show the accurate results but still it gives a rough idea for free. For a thorough checkup you should visit your nearby eye specialist because they have advanced tools which show accurate results. This online service works on 15 inch, 17 inch or 19 inch monitor.

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Moreover, for this to work you need to have Flash plugin installed in your system. You can follow few tips mentioned on the homepage of this website for more accurate results.

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How To Test Eyesight Online :

  • Go on to the homepage of this service, if you want you can read the tips for more accurate results.
  • Scroll down and click the link to start online eye exam.
  • Select the size of your monitor.

Test Eyesight Online 001

  • Select your screen resolution.

Test Eyesight Online 002

  • Now move back and keep yourself 3 feet away from this red dot. Click “next”.

Test Eyesight Online 003

  • You will come across an online Snellen chart with alphabets size decreasing with each time you click “next” button.

Test Eyesight Online 004

  • Read these letters with one eye closed, and when you are not able to read half the letters from the given letters, tap the stop button.
  • It will show your RX with a comment below it.

Test Eyesight Online 005

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Try out this online service and test eyesight online today itself. You should keep in mind that this online tool just shows you a rough idea about your eye power. Good luck for your eye test.

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