Generate SEO Content from Product Images using Recaster AI

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This post covers a web tool to generate SEO content from product images using AI. Optimizing a website or web page content is very crucial for better ranking. SEO-friendly optimizations to the web page can improve visibility and increase user visits. In the competitive world of e-commerce, SEO optimizations are more important than ever.

Recaster AI is an AI tool designed to improve SEO for e-commerce platforms. Almost any e-commerce listing has product images and content written all around that product such as title, description, etc. This tool lets users generate SEO-friendly content from images. Users can simply upload an image for which they want to generate the content and the AI takes care of the rest. Within moments, it provides an SEO title, SEO description, SEO tags, etc., just from an image. The tool also supports CSV import to generate SEO content for a wider product catalog and allows export to Shopify, Amazon, WordPress, etc.

I have thoroughly tested this tool so you don’t have to. You can go through my post and read all about it including the type of output. I also included the quality of SEO content it generates giving you everything that you need to know about this tool. So, let’s dive in and check it out.

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Generate SEO Content from Product Images

Recaster AI uses OpenAI custom vision multi-modals and Google Gemini with fine-tuned models to create high-quality content. To be able to use the tool, users have to create an account. Recaster AI offers a free plan alongside a variety of paid plans. The free allows 3 free product content generation per month. This is in no way near ideal for an e-commerce platform. But e-commerce platforms can afford the paid plans; the free plan for individuals who have limited use of such a tool.

How it works?

The tool loads an upload screen as shown in the screenshot above. It has two upload options; Image and CSV. The free plan only allows 1 image upload at a time whereas the paid plan lets users add multiple images or import the entire product catalog via CSV import. Along with the product image, users are also asked to provide up to 3 tags that they want to add as well as up to 3 tags they want to avoid. This is optional but if users want to include or avoid certain tags, this can help them do that. With that, users can submit the input to generate content.

The tool takes a few seconds to generate the content from the product image. It loads a table on the screen covering the Title, Description, SEO Title, SEO Description, and SEO tags. Each of these sections in the table has a re-generate and edit button at the bottom. These buttons allow users to generate more drafts and make any edits to the content. I tested the tool with a product image of a wrist watch and the output was quite good.

Export to E-commence Platforms

To further make it easy to generate an SEO-friendly product catalog, Recaster AI allows imports from Shopify to upload CSV files and get them translated into SEO-friendly content. It also facilitates bulk export. Users can select the desired products from the product list and export the generated content to Shopify, Amazon, WordPress, and Alibaba. Currently, it offers Shopify export that downloads the selected product description into a CSV file. The support for Amazon, WordPress, and Alibaba export is in the pipeline and is said to be coming soon.

The above screenshot shows a preview of the Shopify CSV export of a product.

Give it a try here.

Closing Comments

Recaster AI is a handy tool that generates good quality SEO content just from product images. It is particularly useful for e-commerce founders who lack time and resources for managing content and SEO. The plan is quite limiting however the results are good. This can be replicated to some extent in ChatGPT with a carefully curated prompt. But the convenience of having it all at once place with direct import and export won’t be matched.

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