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Blog Post Research Assistant from BLOGSEO AI is a free AI-powered tool that enables you to automatically generate high-performing and SEO- focused Blog posts and Articles. All that you are required to do is enter your topic, choose the output language sit back & relax while the AI research assistant pulls up the essential information.

You can provide specific keywords in the input text to emphasize on specific facets of your topic. This helps you to get the material that is tailored to your research. Blog Post Research Assistant sources its data along with pertinent facts, statistics, examples and more from mountains of online sources that include articles, journals, expert studies, news sites etc. You can use the tool to easily jumpstart your research work and get going rather than beginning from scratch.

Blog Post Research Assistant cleanly summarizes the key information for you in an easy-to-examine format. This helps you to quickly gather all that the content that you need to pen a high-quality article that has been thoroughly investigated. It can thus save content writers, a lot of hours of effort that they would’ve otherwise spent in creating their articles from the beginning.


1. Click on this link to navigate to Blog Post Research Assistant.

2. Input the topic of the Blog post along with the essential keywords to focus on the specific aspects of the article, choose the Language of the click on the ‘Generate’ button.

Input topic and language

3. Wait for some time while the AI assistant processes the input and displays the output on the screen.

4. Go through the information that has been provided and you will observe that the key facts have been neatly summarized along with the essential data and examples in a way that is easy for you to read and understand.

Blog Posts generated

5. You can click on the ‘Copy’ icon towards the right of the content to copy it to the clipboard and then use it wherever required.

Blog Posts generated

Closing Comments:

Blog Post Research Assistant is a fine tool to create blog posts, articles etc with facts and statistics and provides a big impetus to your content writing work. It gives you that initial thrust that you have been looking for and saves you several hours of manual searching and curation.

Go ahead and use the tool and write more enlightening and well-researched articles for your blogs and websites. Click here to navigate to Blog Post Research Assistant.

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