Blockchain-based Alternative to Google Maps with GDPR Compliance

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This article talks about a blockchain-based alternative to Google Maps with GDPR Compliance. No doubt Google Maps is the best online map at the moment. But other companies are also catching slowly. Apple is working on its own maps with the latest data and improvement. Microsoft also has Bing Maps. And, if you are a privacy concern person or living in Europe, here is an alternative to Google Maps that you can consider.

Arcane Maps is a blockchain-based online map that complies with the GDPR data privacy standards. Like all the other Arcane products, this map is also built upon the blockchain architecture which means its completely secure and encrypted. Arcane Maps doesn’t match all the features Google Maps offers but it covers the essential requirements for an online map with real-time traffic and navigation. Also, this map is accessible through the website only at the moment. With that said, let’s dive in the article and check out this decentralized map in details.

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Blockchain-based Alternative to Google Photos

Arcane Maps is yet another product by Arcane which lies in their blockchain-based alternatives to popular services. And, like all the other Arcane products, this map is also fully encrypted, secure, and complies with the GDPR data privacy standards.

Although use this map without an account, if you want to save a location or create a list you’re going to need an account obviously. Since this map is built upon BlockStack, you can log in with your Blockstack ID. If you don’t have a Blockstack ID, you can create one here.

blockchain-based maps

The maps opens with a topology with all the locations and traffic details. You get a search option on the top left corner which also lists your saved location as “Quick Access” and your “Lists” of saved locations. On the bottom right corner, you get buttons to zoom in and out along with a GPS button to mark your current location.

You can use the search tool to find places and can also click locations on the map to get details. In either case, it shows you a brief description of the location along with options to get direction, save to Quick Access, and share.

blockchain-based alternative to google maps

With the Direction option, you can get navigation between places. To do that, you can either type the location name or move the map to place the red icon on that location. Doing this adds the location to the direction option and mark the route on the map. It shows you the route for 4 modes of transportation; personal vehicle, public transport, bicycle, and walking. Unlike Google Maps, it doesn’t give you time estimation but it does mark the traffic in the route.

Give this blockchain-based Google Maps alternative a try here.

Wrap Up

Arcane Maps is a decent online map which has the potential to be a Google Maps alternative that also complies with GDPR user data privacy standards. It covers the essential features with real-time traffic and navigation. And being a decentralized service, it’s completely private and respects your privacy with zero knowledge of your data and location which is hard to find these days.

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