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Spanish free 24/7 Language Learning is a free app to learn Spanish on your apple devices like iPhone or iPod. Learning Spanish is very easy with Spanish free 24/7 Language Learning app as it can be accessed anytime & any place without need for an internet connection. If you are a language enthusiast, and like to learn new languages or if you are travelling to a Spanish speaking area, then you will find this app quite useful.

The app has a simple interface as can be seen in the screenshot below.

Spanish free 24/7 Language-welcome-app learn spanish

You would start learning Spanish using this app with easy words which you use everyday, like brother is hermano; wall is pared; and more words like that. You can also choose study list from “categories”. Here you can choose Opposite, Basic Phrases and Questions. Hence learning is more effective.

Spanish free 24/7 Language- general words-app learn spanish

After your learning session when you are confident enough about your learning skills, go ahead and take a test to check what you have learned. You can test yourself whenever you want.

It gives you many options to learn and test yourself. It lets you know how much you have learned through your test scores. It gives you many options to test yourself. Like multiple Choice, Puzzles and Write In.

Spanish free 24/7 Language- study page-app learn spanish

In Multiple Choice, it gives you a word in Spanish and four options to choose the answer from. It will also let you know if you are right or wrong. You can check your score at the end of the test.

In Puzzle you can test yourself by solving the puzzle. This test is similar to the Hangman game, where you have to guess the words by filling in the blanks. You will be given a word and you need to complete that word by choosing the right letters. As many puzzles as you solve will give you a higher score.

Write In is also is similar to Puzzle. Here you will see a word and the app will pronounce the Spanish meaning of the word. Now you need to write the pronounced meaning. By this you also know the correct pronunciation.

For every test the score is shown in percentage.


  • While learning it narrates the meaning of all words.
  • Tests for evaluating yourself.

Spanish free 24/7 Language- puzzle game-app learn spanish

  • Improve pronunciation in Write In.
  • No need to access internet every time.
  • Made for all age groups.

The Final Note:

Spanish free 24/7 Language Learning is a good app for learning Spanish basics. The test modules are interactive and learning is made fun with Puzzle game. The most important part is its Pronunciation feature with every Spanish word. This feature lets you learn the correct pronunciation of every word, making learning much effective. Everyone can learn Spanish easily, as this is made for all age groups.

To check this app on iPhone click here.

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