8 Free Websites To Reverse Geocode Coordinates To Address

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This article covers 8 free websites to reverse geocode coordinates to address. Reverse geocoding is a process of converting geographic coordinates to address. Using these websites, you can easily reverse geocode coordinates to address. Just enter the geographic coordinates as input and these websites give you an address respective to those coordinates. Almost every website covered in this article uses Google Maps API for conversion, which gives very accurate results.

In case you are looking for a solution for reverse geocoding in bulk, you can read our article How To Reverse Geocode Lat Long To Address In Google Sheets here.

Let’s begin the list of free reverse geocoding websites right away.


Geoservices.tamu.edu is a free website where you can reverse geocode coordinates to address. Their reverse geocoding tool takes latitude and longitude in decimals to find an address. It supports only US addresses. You can select the state if you already knew, which will improve the response time of your reverse geocode request.

10 websites to reverse geocode coordinates to address

Ater the processing, it shows two tables. One is Overall Results, which contains the Transaction Id, Status and Processing Time. Another is Address Results, which tells you the Street Address, City, State, Zip, etc.

reverse geocode

This website also supports batch mode for reverse geocoding coordinates to addresses. For that, you have to create an account. After that, upload the data file and select the data.


Doogal.co.uk is the next free reverse geocoding website in this list. This website has an Input box for entering the latitude-longitude coordinates. It supports batch mode right there; you can enter multiple coordinates in the Input box to reverse geocode them all. On this website, you get three options for the input. You can go with lat long coordinates, GPS coordinates, and grid references. Similarly, you also get three options for the output, Formatted address, Address components, and Lat/long.

Once the processing is done, it shows the address for the respective coordinates in a very managed manner. You can also download the reverse geocoding results in a text file by clicking on the Download button, present at the top right corner.


Next website in this list of free reverse geocoding websites is stevemorse.org. With the help of this website, you can easily reverse geocode coordinates to address. Just enter the latitude and longitude in their respective fields and click on Determine Address. It will find the address for you.

The results will be shown just below to query box. This website shows results from four different sources, Virtual Earth, Google, MapQuest, and Open Street Map. It also has an option to access geocoder.us, which improves the accuracy for US addresses.


The next free website for reverse geocode coordinates to address is mapseasy.com. This website takes input in decimal Degrees as well as in Degrees Minutes Seconds. Enter the coordinates in whichever format you want and click on Convert To An Address. It will convert those coordinates to address for you.

MapsEasy uses Google Maps for reverse geocoding. It shows the resulted address in Google Maps by marking the address on the map. It also converts decimal coordinates to GPS coordinates in the query results.


LocationIQ.org provides geocoding solution for commercial use. It has a free developer mode, where you can reverse geocode for non-commercial use. It has a limit of 10,000 requests per day. To use the free mode, you have to get a developer token, which is very easy to obtain. Enter your name and email id and click on signup, it will instantly give you a key token.

Now, enter the latitude-longitude coordinates under reverse geocode and click on Lookup (It will automatically insert your token key). It will show you the results of your query in the text box below with full breakdown of the address (like house number, road, street, etc.).


GPSCoordinates.org is another free website where you can reverse geocode latitude-longitude coordinates to address. This website has a data input panel in left side and map on the right. You can enter the geographic coordinates in Decimal Degrees or Degrees Minutes Seconds. As you enter the coordinates in any of these formats, it will instantly convert them into the other format and show them to you. Click on the Get Address button after entering the coordinates.

It will show you the address along with marking those coordinates on the map.


Next entry in this list is LatLong.net, another free website with reverse geocoding tool. Conversion of coordinates to address is fairly simple. Enter the latitude and longitude and click on Convert. It will instantly show you the address for those coordinates in the address box below.

The coordinates will also be marked on the map. This website will also convert those coordinates into GPS coordinates and show them as well.


MapsDevelopers.com is a website for maps developers with prebuilt Google Maps functionality with additional custom tools. With their Reverse Geocoding Tool, you can easily find an address for any geographic coordinates. All you have to do is, go to this website and enter the latitude and longitude and click on Find Address.

It will mark those coordinates on the map and will show you the address respective to those coordinates.

The Conclusion:

These websites are easy to use and accuracy is pretty good. Websites like Doogle.co.uk are good for reverse geocoding multiple coordinates to addresses. Whereas, SteveMorse.org shows results from multiple sources that can be very helpful in case of confusion. Give them a try and share your experience with us.

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