5 Free Online Anxiety Test Websites

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Here are 5 free websites to take Online Anxiety Test. These websites help you know if you are suffering from an Anxiety Disorder.

Each of these websites have series of questions related to Anxiety Disorder. On the basis of your responses to those questions, these tools give you an Anxiety Score. This score represents the level of anxiety you might have.

Based on your score, some of these websites give you suggestions and tips in order to overcome your anxiety.

Without further ado, let’s discuss these Online Anxiety Test websites one by one.

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Here Are 5 Free Websites To Take Anxiety Test Online:


CalmClinic.com: online anxiety test

CalmClinic.com‘s Online Anxiety Test helps you know if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder. To do so, first, it asks you the biggest single challenge you are having at the time. After that, you have to go through a series of questions (around 42 questions) which ask whether you agree or disagree with a statement. In the last step, you can get Basic Report as well as Full Report by clicking the respective button at the bottom of the page.

Based on your responses, it gives you an anxiety score out of 100. There is a categorization of anxiety levels/types based on scores. You can see what type of anxiety you have here. It also gives you a link to a 3-step course to help you break your anxiety.

Take CalmClinic.com Online Anxiety Test here.


AnxietyCentre.com: online anxiety test

AnxietyCentre.com is an online Anxiety Centre which helps you know if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder or not. It puts you through a series of 20 questions. Each question has five options; mark the option which represents you or your habits. In the end of the test, it gives you a score and tells you which level of anxiety you are suffering from (if any). It also gives you a link to know more about your anxiety type along with helpful tips and suggestions.

Take AnxietyCentre.com Online Anxiety Test here.


MentalHealthAmerica.net: online anxiety test

MentalHealthAmerica.net provides an Online Anxiety Test to know if you have anxiety. First, it asks you 7 questions where you have to tell on which level you are experiencing the question’s statement. Then, it asks you some information about you (Age, Gender, Race, Income, etc.) along with your health history. After that, it tells you the scale of anxiety you might have. Below that, it gives you few links for further assistance.

Take MentalHealthAmerica.net Online Anxiety Test here.


Depression-Anxiety-Stress-Test.org: online anxiety test

Depression-Anxiety-Stress-Test.org‘s Online Anxiety Test is designed to measure the scale of anxiety you have (if any). This test also measures stress and depression along with anxiety. It has 42 statements which you have to rate from 0 to 3, 0 being “Not at all” and 3 being “All the time“. In the end, it shows your severity level of depression, stress, and anxiety. Below that, you can find links to read more about depression, stress, and anxiety.

Take Depression-Anxiety-Stress-Test.org Online Anxiety Test here.


Psycom.net: online anxiety test

Psycom.net has an Online Anxiety Test by Katie Hurley, LCSW. This test features 7 questions related to your life experiences which ask how you feel about anxiety and your behavior in some specific conditions. In the end, answer the captcha to see your results. You can also enter your email id to get the test result via email. Based on your responses, it shows your score on an anxiety and tells you the level of anxiety you might have.

Take Psycom.net Online Anxiety Test here.

Closing Words:

All these Online Anxiety Test websites try to guess the anxiety level you might have based on your responses to their questions. Do note that these online tests are no substitute for a proper diagnosis. You should take professional advice on your situation.

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