Extract DMG File Online With These Free Websites

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This article list 4 free websites to extract DMG file online.

DMG file is an Apple Disk Image file. A DMG file is a digital recreation of the physical disk and used to store software installers along with the disk images in MacOS. You can easily extract a DMG file in MacOS but in other systems, you need a dedicated tool to do that.

This article covers 4 websites where you can extract DMG file online for free. These websites extract the content of DMG file and give you a ZIP in the output. Using these websites, you can easily extract DMG files on other operating systems without needing a tool. This allows you to easily extract the content of DMG on iPad, Android, ChromeOS, Windows, etc.

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Here Are 4 Free Websites To Extract DMG File Online:


extract dmg file online for free

Online.B1.org is a free online archive extractor website where you can extract various archive file types. This online archive extractor supports over 40 archive file formats including dmg, rpm, tar, xar, cbr, chm, cpio, tgz, cab, hxr, lit, gz, and more. Extracting a DMG file is really simple and straightforward here. Just upload your file here and give this online tool a few seconds to extract the file. Upon extraction, it lists all the files/folders present in your DMG file. From that list, you can download any or all the files to your computer. B1 Online Archiver doesn’t have any input file size limitation, which allows you to extract larger DMG files. And, you can also manually delete the extracted data upon download.

Extract dmg file online with B1 Archiver here.


free online dmg extractor website

As the name suggests, Extract.me is another free online extractor tool. With this tool, you can extract over 60 archive file formats including pkg, dmg, cpio, xar, cdi, deb, gpt, hfs, nsa, pak, sar, and many more. It also supports cloud import which lets you import archive directly from Dropbox, Google Drive, and web via URL. You can also upload a file from your local storage without any size limitation. When you upload your DMG file to this tool, depending on the file size, it takes a few seconds to extract the content and lists it for you. Unlike B1 Archiver, you can not download a file from the archive separately here. Instead, this tool packs the set of extracted files in a ZIP.

Try this online archive extractor to extract dmg file online here.


Update 2022: This website no longer exists now. We recommend you to try some other alternative instead.

extract dmg file online for free

The next website to extract DMG file online is WobZip.org. It is another free online archive file extractor tool with an input file size limit of 200 MB. With this free tool, you can easily extract dmg, deb, chm, gzip, mbr, msi, rpm, tar, vhd and many other types of archive files. Here, you can load DMG file either from your local storage or fetch from the web by entering the URL. For the password-protected file, this tool gives you an option to enter the password. After uploading the file, you have to type the password before extracting the file. In the output, you get a ZIP file packing the data of the DMG file. Once you downloaded the extracted file, you can delete your uploads and clear the browsing session as well.


convert dmg to zip

As the name suggests, OnlineFileConvert is an online file converter website. This website can be used to extract the data of a DMG file. On this website, you can upload your DMG file, convert it into a ZIP file and download it to your computer. The converted ZIP file can be easily opened with any regular archive supported tool like File Explorer on Windows. Here, you can convert up to 5 files with a maximum size limit of 300 MB combined. Apart from local upload, you can fetch DMG files from Google Drive, Dropbox, and via URLs. This way, you can convert DMG to ZIP and access its content.

Convert DMG to ZIP online with FreeFileConvert here.

Wrap Up:

These are the 4 free websites where you can extract DMG file online. You can use any of these websites to access the content of a DMG file unless your file is large in size. In that case, you can go with the first two websites which don’t have any file size limits.

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