2 Free Online Learning Management System for Small Business

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This article covers 2 free learning management system platforms for small business. If you run a simple Google Search query for LSM solution for business, you’ll a huge list of such solutions which might be pretty great but most of them are not free. It is hard to find an LMS tool which provides all the sporty features and also happens to be free. But some LMS tools offer a specific set of features for free along with premium add-ons for more features.

Here I cover 2 such LMS tools which provide a decent set of features in the free plan that can satisfy the needs of a small business. And, if at any point you find the free plan limiting, you can always go with the paid tier to overcome the limitations and get more features. Apart from business, these tools can also be used by institutions and educational organizations as well. With that said, let’s check out these tools in details.

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2 Free Online Learning Management System:


Uzity Topic Page

Uzity is an online learning management system which is great for e-learning. It packs everything that you need to create, distribute, and manage online courses and foster an educational ecosystem. Upon signup, you can simply set up your business profile, add management & users, and create courses.

Creating courses is simple and straightforward with Uzity. A user with permission can create an online course with text, images, links, videos, formulas, tables, data, and more. Once the course is published, added employees/students can enroll in that course and enhance their skills. The admin can track the progress of all the users and get a detailed report when the course is finished. You can read more about Uzity here.

Free Plan Includes:

  • Unlimited Courses
  • Attach Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited User Groups
  • Announcements
  • Internal Messaging
  • Course Creation & Management

Give this LMS solution for small business a try here.

Talent LMS


Talent LMS is another online LMS tool with a nice free plan for small businesses and institutions. It lets you add up to 5 users and create up to 10 courses. You can add your organization along with users and define their role to manage the platform. Then, you can create courses for training or e-learning.

Speaking of the course, this tool gives you a fully featured RTF editor where you can create the course along with various types of content. You can insert image, audio, video, flash, presentation, and links in the course. Apart from that, you can define a time limit for the course and create multiple levels of the course.

Once the course is published, it appears in the dashboard of the users/employees Talent LMS account. They can enroll in the course from there and complete the course to learn the respective knowledge. If you want to know more about this LMS tool, you can read it here.

Free Plan Includes:

  • Up to 5 Users
  • Up to 10 Courses
  • Course Creation & Management
  • Reporting & Branching
  • Web Apps Integration and more

You can try this online LMS tool here.

Wrap Up

These are the 2 free online learning management system platforms which you can use for e-learning or provide training to new employees. Being web-based tools, these LMS platforms are always ready to use and also easy to maintain. If you are looking for LMS tools for e-learning or employees training then do check them out.

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