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5 online xps to jpg converters
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Here are 5 free online XPS to JPG converters. Whether you want to convert a multipage XPS document to JPG images or single page XPS file to JPG image, you can take the help of these handy websites. Some websites are handy to convert multiple XPS files at a time, other websites let you convert one XPS file at once.

turn off screen from windows 10 taskbar
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Here are 4 free software to turn off screen from Windows 10 taskbar. You can add executable file of some of these software to taskbar and then click on that file to turn off monitor. For other software, covered on this list, you need to let them run in the system tray and use tray icon to turn off PC screen.

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Here is a list of 10 best free online caffeine calculator. You can use these websites to easily calculate and find the caffeine level in your body based on the caffeinated drinks you have consumed.

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