Online Music Player Free: Navegas

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Navegas is a simple yet stylish online music player that allows users to connect to different music sources and listen to it using a single application. It is the easiest way to listen to your favourite music online. It is a web – based threshold that gives chance to users to access different music from a range of different sources. It is in fact considered as a YouTube player, yet also plays music stored in your computer.

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Navegas is a online music player in which you can connect to your Twitter and Facebook account and listen to the songs shared by your friends using this site. It is the simplest way to search for songs on the web. This YouTube player lets you to play, discover, and connect to the world of music.

Features of this online music player


Below are the features of online music player Navegas:

  • Listen to local music stored in your computer.
  • Listen to favourite songs online through different music sources like YouTube, SoundCloud, and Aupeo.
  • Seek music using search bar or directly connect to your preferred music source.
  • Open Facebook or Twitter account in just one click and listen to the songs shared by your friends.
  • Save favourite songs to a playlist and play in order.
  • Watch favourite videos from different sources using a single application.
  • Receive updates via Gmail or posted in your Facebook or Twitter page.
  • Give feedback or share any idea, question, problem, or praise.

How to Use Navegas?

To begin, sign in either through Facebook, Twitter, or using your Gmail Account. You can also create a new Get Satisfaction account to log in. After signing up, Navegas will then send you a message to validate your email address. Once your email address is confirmed, your will then be directed to your Get Satisfaction dashboard and be able to edit your profile afterwards. To log in via Facebook, just simply click “Connect with Facebook” to access this YouTube player. You are then set to explore what Navegas has in store for you.

To search a song either in YouTube, SoundCloud, or in your PC, just simply click the corresponding button found at the top of your page and then type the title or the artist of the song you want to listen. You will then be provided with a list of songs. Once you have selected a song, it will be added to your playlist with preview thumbnails found at the bottom of your screen. You can select as many songs as you want. You can also connect directly either to YouTube, SoundCloud, or Aupeo.

To save your playlist, just simply hit the “Save Playlist” button. And by clicking “Play”, the songs saved in your playlist will then be played in order. You can also rename or delete your playlist by selecting ”Open Playlist”.

With this online music player, Navegas connecting to the world of music is more possible.

Editor Ratings:
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