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    Wow That Cool Game

  • History of video games

    Rest in peace, you wonderful, deranged-puzzle-making cop

    I’m pretty sure Myst already answered the question of whether or not video games could be art, years ago

    I think your article is well balanced, and argues above and beyond the merits of Video Games as an art form. I think essentially it all boils down to unconscious snobbery and lack of exposure on Ebert’s part

    Nothing wrong with this article. Good starting information on where to find new and future games for those who don’t know where to look.

  • R

    DON’T download the Game Maker because it is confusing and the tutorial is 30 minutes long, confusing, adn it doesn’t even work.

  • Agustí Montes

    This “FreeSoftware” are just for windows. And Game Maker ain’t even free, it’s got a privative license and an economic cost. I didn’t check the rest of them, but i’m pretty sure they’r using more privative licenses.

    I’m really disapointed with this web page…