• tj

    it is crap does not work with win 7 keeps crashing

  • lloyd

    Runs pretty good on my win 7 OK it’s not up there with the expensive Blu Ray media software but it’s free and it works.

  • http://www.mkvhelp.org/ anita11

    It works perfectly on my Windows 7 64bit. It seems you need to log your PC as administrator account! Give it a try.

  • Mad Cow

    Installed after PWRDVD9 Ultra kept giving me an error on Blu-Ray, something about Cyberlink PowerDVD has been comprimised blah blah check your anti-virus or reinstall.

    Installed DAPlayer, first time I tried playing a burnt Blu-Ray, it crashed my system. I tried it a second time, and it finally played my Blu-Ray.

    The quality is on par if not a little better than an up-converted DVD9, but not PowerDVD Ultra quality (but not too far off). Various artifacts throughout the movie, not many though and hardly noticeable. The audio was a little off halfway through the movie, corrected itself, then was off a little towards the end.

    The player does not play new commercial Blu-Ray discs, but can be easily rectified.
    What I use:
    Any DVD HD ($78) to rip on hard drive to remove copy protection,
    Used BD_Rebuilder (Free) to compress Dual layer Blu-Ray to BD-25
    Copy-Paste AVCHD-Patcher into BDMV folder for playability in PS3 and stand-alone players
    ImgBurn to rip onto single layer blank Blu-Ray or as .iso for play in a mounted virtual drive
    Movie Tested: Tron Legacy

    Overall, thank gosh I found this program. Works great for my ripped Blu-Rays, have not tried it for DVD, still use PWRDVD Ultra9 for those due to 24fps Tru-Motion.

    AMD Athlon IIXP Quad Core, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 1GB ATI Radion 5450, Windows XP SP3, ASUS Blu-Rau burner