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For those among that love to watch movies, listen to great music on your computer, the free media player DAPlayer is exactly what you need. DAPlayer is an easy-to-use free Windows audio and video application that supports all of the video and audio formats used today. The program is designed to give the user excellence in sound and video quality; indeed high definition sound along with high definition video.

This free Blu-Ray and HD video player contains 320 video codecs and 130 audio codecs. Users are also able to take advantage of the customization controls and manipulate this free Blu-Ray player to suit their needs. The program supports multi-tracking video and audio as well as subtitles, for those who like experimenting and the TrueColor system is compatible with all multimedia formats. This free HDvideo player, Blu-Ray player and audio player is a godsend for those who want quality without having to pay through the nose to get it.

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Here are some of the features of DAPlayer Free Blu-Ray Player:

  • Guaranteed to give the user excellence in video and audio.
  • Fast launching speed, DAPlayer won’t have you waiting long before you can use it.
  • Full support for home-made and commercial region free and region locked Blu-Ray DVDs. The program is also able to play Blu-Ray files using virtual driver.
  • Able to play all 1- 6 regions locked DVD disks with full navigation icons and controls.
  • Full support for HD video disks as well as support for HD video mixed-in subtitle tracks.
  • DAPlayer supports an 8 channel audio system and also mix-audio to 2 channels headphone and surround sound. Multi-channels include Dolby, DTS, TrueHD and AC3.
  • Full support for game videos, Youtube and other media formats available from the Internet.
  • Compatible with all video and audio formats used today. These include MPEC, Mp3, AVI, OGV, MP4, WEBM, and more.

Clearly this all-in-one free media player, DAPlayer, is the perfect application to have on your Windows PC. Even if you’re not an avid video watcher or music listener, having a free Blu-Ray and free HDvideo player on your PC gives you the option should you ever receive a disk or file, using free DAPlayer, you’ll be able to soon watch, or listening to files and disks without any problem. Download it free here.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: Windows
Free/Paid: Free
  • tj

    it is crap does not work with win 7 keeps crashing

  • lloyd

    Runs pretty good on my win 7 OK it’s not up there with the expensive Blu Ray media software but it’s free and it works.

  • It works perfectly on my Windows 7 64bit. It seems you need to log your PC as administrator account! Give it a try.

  • Mad Cow

    Installed after PWRDVD9 Ultra kept giving me an error on Blu-Ray, something about Cyberlink PowerDVD has been comprimised blah blah check your anti-virus or reinstall.

    Installed DAPlayer, first time I tried playing a burnt Blu-Ray, it crashed my system. I tried it a second time, and it finally played my Blu-Ray.

    The quality is on par if not a little better than an up-converted DVD9, but not PowerDVD Ultra quality (but not too far off). Various artifacts throughout the movie, not many though and hardly noticeable. The audio was a little off halfway through the movie, corrected itself, then was off a little towards the end.

    The player does not play new commercial Blu-Ray discs, but can be easily rectified.
    What I use:
    Any DVD HD ($78) to rip on hard drive to remove copy protection,
    Used BD_Rebuilder (Free) to compress Dual layer Blu-Ray to BD-25
    Copy-Paste AVCHD-Patcher into BDMV folder for playability in PS3 and stand-alone players
    ImgBurn to rip onto single layer blank Blu-Ray or as .iso for play in a mounted virtual drive
    Movie Tested: Tron Legacy

    Overall, thank gosh I found this program. Works great for my ripped Blu-Rays, have not tried it for DVD, still use PWRDVD Ultra9 for those due to 24fps Tru-Motion.

    AMD Athlon IIXP Quad Core, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 1GB ATI Radion 5450, Windows XP SP3, ASUS Blu-Rau burner

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