Math Problem Solver: Microsoft Mathematics

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Microsoft Mathematics is a free math problem solver that helps students by giving a complete step-by-step solution to algebraic equations. In addition, Microsoft Mathematics also brings a graphic calculator to you that plots in 2D & 3D and various other useful options.

This free math problem solver basically provides students a set of mathematical tools which helps them to complete their school work easily and quickly.

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With Microsoft Mathematics, students can be taught to solve difficult to difficult equations in a simple step-by-step manner. This helps them get better learning of basic fundamental concepts in physics, chemistry, pre-algebra, algebra, calculus, and trigonometry. The design is just like a hand-held calculator.

Some key features of this Math Problem Solver:

  • Students can learn step wise as to how to solve difficult mathematical problems.
  • New improved three-dimensional color graphs can better illustrate problems and concepts.
  • Full fledged library consists of equations and formulas
  • More than 100 basic equations and formulae to help identify and apply equations.
  • Unit conversion tool

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How to download Microsoft Mathematics:

  • Go onto the website.
  • You will come across three options for downloading
  • In front of the second one which is 17.0MB, Click on “Download”
  • Click on Save
  • Double click on the Downloaded icon in order to Run
  • The installer will automatically downloads Microsoft Mathematics program as you follow the instructions coming your way.

Yup..its done. Start using.  Students can use this easy-to-use tool to quickly solve problems related to units of measure, area, length, volume, temperature, weight, velocity, pressure, power, energy, and time.

In short, Microsoft Mathematics is a good equation solver tool for students that helps them to learn to solve equations step by step. so go ahead and get it.

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