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  • JoeD

    I want to create a slide show that can be put (burned) onto an autoplay CD so that when the CD is inserted, the slide show is launched totally automatically, without any mouse clicks or keyborad keystrokes. Do any of these produce such a slide show file that will work with the autorun.inf file to autoplay like that on a windows PC??

    Thanks. JoeD 20110125

  • Jack

    My wife tried Kizoa. If you do animations or any fun stuff, they want you to pay for the “premium” version. Only free for a basic slide show, which you can do easily with other programs.

  • http://gtubooks.in/ Naman Pathak

    thnx…very helpful blog.

  • Eugene

    Thanks! I’ve found this list really useful. But reviewing it I found that Moblyng is not available anymore and Flash Slideshow Maker is a desktop software. And I was looking for really simple, fast, online and free slideshow maker. Check it out on http://www.freak-me.com I found it really good for my purposes. Thanks again!

  • mperpetua212

    pls don’t forget to also include in your list the software called Ezvid – its another free video slideshow maker for Windows and it just works perfectly great being a slideshow creator 

  • RonakAgrawal

    You can also see  <a href=”http://picovico.com”>SlideShow Maker</a>It is easy to use and add music and animation with an ease.

  • RonakAgrawal

    You can also see  Picovico.Com – SlideShow Maker. It is easy to use and add music and animation with an ease.

  • Answerme!

    Just one question, The slideshow’s that you make…. Is it possible to download them on your computer?

  • Ameen Danish

    Photostage slideshow is the best

    • zbirdman777

      You’re right, I just tried all of them and photostage is the best. It’s not very complicated like it says in the review.

  • Bryan Ariate