Free to Send Email Test from External Server to Check Deliverability

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Send Test Email is a free and important utility that allows you to send a simple static email to your email address to confirm if it is working. It can be used to test your own email address, an email address that is serviced by you or by a mail administrator.

Email testing services are used for a variety of reasons. You want to figure out if your mail provider is accepting incoming emails. You may also be interested in verifying if the emails arriving from outside your domain (organization) are being delivered to your inbox and not landing in the Spam folder. Mail Admins can use them to check if freshly created email addresses are accepting emails. In this way, there are numerous other use cases for Email testing services.

One may well say that all these tests can be carried out with commercially available providers such as Hotmail and Gmail. But the fact is that when you successfully source an email from an external mail server that is alien to your account, it gives you that peace of mind that your email address is in fact working and accepting mails.

Sent Test Email sends a static text email to the address that you provide with the following message:

How it Works:

The process is very simple and straightforward.

1. Simply navigate to ‘Send Test Email’ using the link that we have provided at the end of this article.

2. Enter the email address, verify the captcha and click on ‘Send Test’ and the email will be sent instantaneously. At the same time, an Email ID is generated and displayed on the screen. You may require this ID for some additional testing in case the email hasn’t been delivered to you.

Test email sent

3. Check the Inbox to verify it the email has arrived.

Email received screenshot

4. If you haven’t received any email in your inbox, you must also check your Spam folder to see if it has been delivered over there. You can wait for a couple of minutes and check once again if the email has been delivered. If it has still not arrived, you can use this link to check the complete status of your email sending test. The Email ID mentioned above will be required to get the detailed status.

Check test email status

Test email status

Final Comments:

Send Test Email is a simple and light-weight tool that you can easily send a static email to your email address to confirm if it is working. No Sign up is required to use this service and it works fine when I tested it. Go ahead and use it to test your email addresses.

Click here to head towards ‘Send Test Email’.

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