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SheetChat is an AI-based free online tool that empowers you to interact with your spreadsheet, ask questions in a conversational manner and get the right answers based on the data in the spreadsheet.

All that you need to do is upload a CSV file, put forward your query and lean back and relax while the AI of SheetChat analyses the information in the file and gets you the precise information.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to SheetChat. You are not required to sign up or register for a free account to use this tool.

2. Click on the ‘Choose file’ button, upload the CSV file form your computer and then click on the ‘Upload CSV button’ and wait for a few seconds for the file to be uploaded.

3. Input your question in simple natural language using the text box and click on the ‘Send’ button. You must ensure that the query is as descriptive as possible to get the precise results.

Query 1

4. Wait for some time while the AI algorithms process the query based on the information available in the CSV file and display the results on the screen.

5. You can continue to ask more or related questions in a conversational manner to learn from the dataset. For this, you need not be an expert in statistics as the questions are put forward in plain natural language without resorting to any technical stuff.

Query 2

Query 3

6. One issue that I came across was a persistent error message whenever I put forward any query. It seemed related to the encoding of the CSV file, prompting an attempt to read the file with an alternative encoding to address the issue. Subsequently, the precise results are automatically generated in the next attempt.

Closing Comments:

Overall, SheetChat is a fine AI Chatbot that allows you to upload information in the form of a CSV file, ask queries and get the precise information like a data scientist. Go ahead and try out the product and do write to us about your experience. Click here to navigate to SheetChat.

IF you are searching for another similar application, you can consider trying Chatboty-CSV. This free chatbot is crafted to facilitate user-friendly and conversational interactions with CSV data. CSV-Chatbot integrates the capabilities of robust language models such as Longchain and Open AI and ensures seamless natural language interactions with CSV data for a better understanding and analysis. For further details, click here.

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