Top 5 Websites To Convert PS TO EPS Online

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Here are Top 5 Websites to Convert PS to EPS Online. PS stands for PostScript, a programming language created by Adobe in 1982. A PS file has capabilities of containing images and text on the same page. And, EPS is Encapsulated PostScript, which can contain text and vector graphics. EPS is used for transferring image/graphics between applications whereas PS is usually used for printing purposes. You can open these types of file using these PostScript Viewers.

A PS file can be converted to EPS, so that it can be used in software like Adobe Illustrator. We have covered a list of top free PS to EPS converters, where you can upload a PS file from your computer and download a converted EPS file. You can also convert a file from cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), or from a URL, as these converters support that too.

Here Are Top 5 Websites To Convert PS To EPS Online:


CloudConvert is a well known online file conversion tool and supports total 218 file formats. You can easily convert PS to EPS file here. Cloud-Convert supports multiple conversion with a limit of 5 concurrent conversions at once. You can import your files from cloud storage as it has support for Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

online ps to eps converter

In case of multiple conversions, you get an option to create an archive for converted files; it will save you from the hurdle of downloading those files one by one. You do get the option to upload output files directly to your cloud storage. The free plan lets you use CloudConvert for 25 minutes conversions for a day with file size limit of 1GB each.

Convert PS to EPS with CloudConvert here.

Covertio is a free online file conversion website with support for lots of file formats. The converters here are categorized by content types, such as Audio Converter, Image Converter, Font Converter, and more. To convert PS to EPS file, upload the PS file from your computer. You can also import PS file from Google Drive, Dropbox, or via URL. After loading your PS file, select the EPS output format from the drop-down and click on Convert. You can upload multiple files for bulk conversion. And, free access has a limit of 2 simultaneous conversions at a time.

ps to eps converter

You can download the converted EPS file directly to your computer or you can save to your cloud storage instead; it has both options. In case of bulk conversion, it creates a ZIP file to let you download all your conversions at once.

Check it out here.


Like the two websites mentioned above, Online-Converter is another online converter that also supports lots of file formats. The difference is, it only converts one file at a time, so no bulk conversion is supported here. It also has option for importing input file from cloud storage, and load from a URL, along with the local upload. Unlike others, here you can customize some parameters of your file for desired output. You can change the size, set DPI value, adjust colors, and enhance quality. Just leave those field blank if you do not want any changes to your file.

convert ps to eps online

After the conversion, the output file will be downloaded to your computer. You can also save it to your cloud storage directly from here. Online-Converter has a premium membership subscription, which enables bulk conversions and file size up to 2GB.

Give it a try here.

Aconvert is a very simple online conversion website with effective PS to EPS converter. Unlike others, it does not has support for cloud storage platforms. But, you can load file from URL. It supports 6 concurrent conversions at once with a file size limit of 24 MB each. It also has an option to change the image size.

The conversion is fast without any error. This online converter is really good option to try.

Give it a shot here.


The last website in this list is, which offers pretty good online file converters. To convert PS to EPS, upload your PS file from your local storage, from a URL, or import from cloud storage (Google Drive and Dropbox). Then, select the output format, which is EPS in this case. You can find EPS format under Vector formats in the drop-down. Then, click the Convert button to start the conversion.

ps to eps supports up to 5 files of combined size under 100 MB. You can enter your email id here and it will notify you as soon as conversion finishes. After the conversion, you can download the output EPS file to your computer. Although it supports import from the cloud storage, but doesn’t support export to the cloud storage after the conversion.

Check it out here.

Final Verdict

You can easily convert PS to EPS online using any of these websites. All of them also have support for import from cloud storage. Try these websites to quickly convert ES to EPS format.

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