4 Online IGS Viewer Websites Free

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This article covers 4 online IGS viewer websites. IGS (or IGES) file is a vector graphics file based on Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES). An IGS file can contain wireframe models, circuit diagrams, surface representations, etc. and are used by CAD programs.

These websites feature 3D viewer web applications where you can upload your IGS file and view it online. You can inspect various views of your IGS object and check its measurements as well. You can also take screenshots of the different views of your object. So, let us get started with these online IGS viewer websites.

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Here Are 4 Online IGS Viewer Websites Free:


ShareCAD.org: Online IGS VIewer

ShareCAD.org is a free online CAD viewer tool that supports various CAD, 3D, Vector, and Raster formats. With this tool, you can easily view IGS file online. Here, you can see isometric and all the side views of the object from your IGS file. You can switch between 2D and 3D wireframe and can also enable 3D smooth shading or 3D flat shading. This online IGS viewer shows you each layer of your IGS object so you can have an in-depth view. It also has an option to make a 3D object black and white. And, you can print any view of your IGS object here.

Try this online IGS viewer here.


AutoDesk.com: Online IGS VIewer

AutoDesk offers a free online IFS viewer where you can open any 3D, Vector, and CAD format. You can upload your IGS file here and can see all its modules in different views. This AutoDesk viewer lists all the layer of an IGS object and you can easily enable/disable each layer separately. Here, you can switch between orbit, pan, and first-person view of the IGS object. You can also enable measurements to get into further details. Apart from that, you can take a screenshot of the object and can also print any of its views directly from the AutoDesk viewer.

You can try AutoDesk online IGS viewer here.


MachineResearch: Online IGS VIewer

MachineResearch.com has a ShareView 3D online app that can open almost any type of 3D file. You can upload your IGS file here to view it online. To get different views of a 3D object, just click on the screen and drag it in any desired direction to get the respective view. You can easily switch between four shaded-views of your object and can change the opacity and colors of any of its part. You can also annotate an object with text and take screenshots of its different views.

ShareView 3D Free offers a 256 MB storage with a monthly upload limit of 20 files. To access other advanced tools and features, you can go with the ShareView 3D PRO.

Give this online IGS viewer a try here.


IGS 3D Viewer Online

3DViewerOnline.com is an online 3D viewer where you can upload and view an IGS file. As a free user, you get a 50 MB size limit on input files and you can only upload a single file at a time. Here, you can select different views to see your object from all directions. You can show/hide smart lines and measurements as per your needs. Apart from the different views, you can take screenshots of the object and can also share your object with others via email.

Try this online IGS viewer here.

Wrap Up

These online IGS viewer websites are free and easy to use. All of them offer more or less same features and functionalities. You can go with any of them to view an IGS file online.

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