5 Online English Literature Quizzes For Adults

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This article covers 5 websites where you can find online English Literature quizzes for adults.

With these quizzes, you can test your knowledge of English literature. These quizzes cover various aspects of English literature. As per your interests, you can easily find a quiz that covers questions related to the various authors, bestsellers, characters, plays, writing category or general literature.

All these quiz websites featured in this article offer interactive quizzes. They ask you a question and give you four options to choose the correct answer. Some of them also have quizzes with a fixed timeline where you have to finish the quiz in the given timeline to get a better score. These websites have various types of quizzes covering various aspects of English Literature history.

So, let’s start the list and discuss these quiz websites one by one.

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Here Are 5 Online English Literature Quizzes For Adults:

Fun Trivia

English literature quizzes for adults

Fun Trivia is an online trivia website that covers a wide range of topics. The ‘Literature Trivia and Quizzes‘ section here has over 20 different types of literature quiz categories. Each of these categories has a few to a thousand quizzes. Here, you can take a quiz that covers a specific author’s work, specific literature category, specific genre, a specific year or anything else that interests you. Along with all that, this website also offers hourly mixed literature quizzes. Every literature quiz features 10 multiple choice questions which you can answer in two quiz modes. One mode lets you take as much time as you want to finish the quiz, whereas, in other, you have to compete against time. At the end of each quiz, you get a score based on your performance in the quiz.

Try these online English Literature quizzes for adults here.

Action Quiz

online English literature quizzes for adults

Action Quiz is another free online trivia quiz website. Here, you have to play against the computer. In every quiz, there are four participants; you and three computer opponents. Each question has a specific point value which increases gradually as you go further. For a correct answer, you get all its points and for a wrong answer, you get none. The player who gets the maximum points wins.

Action Quiz has a quite big collection of literature quizzes. The English literature section here has 6 main categories: Bestsellers, Generals, Plays, Characters, Movie books, and Shakespeare. These categories have further sub-categories covering over 100 literature quizzes. You can take any of these quizzes as per your interests. Even if you don’t know much about English literature yet, with these quizzes, you can learn a lot.

You can try these online English Literature quizzes for adults here.

Trivia Plaza

online English literature quizzes for adults free

Trivia Plaza is a free trivia website where you can play trivia quizzes online. It covers a wide range of topics like Science, Math, History, Literature, Geography, Computer, Movies, Music and more. The English literature section here features over a hundred quizzes. You can play quizzes based on authors, books, series, genre, years, etc. Each of these quizzes has 10 multiple choice questions. There is no time limit for any of these quizzes. You can play a quiz of your interest and take as much time as you want to finish it. It also has picture quizzes where you have to identify the author from the given picture. When you complete a quiz here, it gives you a score out of 10. The score represents the number of questions you answered correctly in that quiz.

Give these online English Literature quizzes for adults a try here.

UGC English

free English literature quizzes for adults

UGC English offers English literature quizzes based on authors. It features quizzes on 6 well known English literature authors; William ShakespeareGeoffrey Chaucer, John MiltonChristopher MarlowWilliam Wordsworth, and Edmund Spenser. These quizzes cover these authors livelihood, work, and achievements. There are two quizzes on William Shakespeare and one on each of the rest. Each of these quizzes features 10 questions. These questions are multiple choice. For each question, you can attempt up to four times to get the answer right. The first correct attempt gives you full score for that question whereas, in the later attempts, the score gets lesser and lesser. The score is visible throughout the quiz and you can revisit any question at any time.

Check out these online English Literature quizzes for adults here.

CS Monitor

free online English literature quizzes for adults

CS Monitor is an independent international news organization that features an English literature quiz at its website. This quiz has 30 multiple choice questions where it gives you opening lines from famous novels and asks you to identify the novels. When you answer a question here, it let you know whether your answer is correct or not. In both cases, it also shows you a piece of information or fact about the relevant novel. At the end of the quiz, it tells you the number of questions you answered correctly. Based on that number, you get a percentage score for the quiz.

Here is a link to try this online English Literature quiz for adults.

Closing Words

These are the 5 free websites where you can play English literature quizzes for adults. These quizzes are very informational and fun to play. With the help of these quizzes, you can easily improve your English literature knowledge.

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