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  • Millie

    I would need the cropping tool for this software to be any use to me. Thanks

  • Lauren

    I have used the http://www.Kizoa.com editing tools and they work really well. They turn ordinary photos into works of art that I just don’t have the time or the software for to create myself. You can crop and resize pictures as well as add animations and effects like black and white transformations, sepia, pop-art, and many other others. It’s one of the easiest editing websites I’ve used and it’s completely free. The best part is you can turn your photos into a slideshow that uploads right to your personal blog, facebook, or can be sent in an email.

  • Bill

    I was totally sucked into this until I went to burn a DVD. Requires a 2 year subscription fee. Free is a a deception. It’s actually a demo package with an option to purachse an upgrade. I hope I love free software it’s true to it’s name and not an affiliate. The appearance or not of this post will at least let me know.

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @Bill: Thanks for pointing this out. I have updated the article to reflect that. Be assured – we are not affiliates, and this wasn’t a paid review. This review was published quite some time back, and free software become paid (or make some features premium) lot of times.

  • Justik

    KIZOA does not work well, and they refuse to refund, even during the legal 1 week after subscription. I believe Mr GUEDJ and his company PIXVISIO, in France, are a bit of crooks. They simply do not deliver and breach the law. I have read a few complaints already. I invite you to look after other, less expensive, more efficient services.

  • aubrey

    KIZOA Do’t not work the internet will not work

  • MeyersStephen

    Here I left a great review about kizoa.com, check: http://www.killerstartups.com/web-app-tools/kizoa-com-slideshows-made-easy/

  • Carolyn M. Lewis

    Kizoa is a SCAM! Their customer service is terrible, and their techs are one note and not knowledgeable about anything even slightly off script.

    Just another outsourced company scamming hardworking people out of their cash. STAY AWAY!!! Better to take your money and flush it.