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  • robb

    I agree with the web browser selections, with one exception and that is Lunascape. I have all 4 of these apps on my iPad and use each of them frequently and like all of them. But I do have a “beef” about Lunascape – one of the reasons I use browsers other than Safari is its maximum open tab limitation of 9 tabs. Lunascape also has a max open tab limit ( I don’t remember the limit number) given time. Also, when I have multiple open tabs in Lunascape, the app sometimes shuts down for no apparent reason.

    So of the 4 browsers you mention, I think that Atomic Browser if the overall best from a feature perspective and Opera Mini of the best in speed / response.

    And I’m a great fan of free / open source software – thanks for creating and maintaining a valuable ‘net resource.

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @Robb: Thanks for sharing your first-hand experience with these browsers :)