About US

This website was created with the intention of presenting the best free software available all over the web. We are firm believers of the fact that there is a free software out there for almost anything that a paid software can do. Armed with this belief, we search the web for best free software, and include it here. This website is for completely free software, and not trial versions of paid software. All the software that are posted are completely free, and legal. We do not post any cracks. Check out our small compilation of best free software here.

Long time back, free software use to be a poor replica of paid counterpart. Not anymore. Now, free software can be as good as, or even better than paid versions. An example of this is OpenOffice – our favorite Office suite. It is already amazing, and becoming better day by day.

For all the software that we include here, we provide a download link that points to the program page itself. We do not host any download file on our website. Main reason for this is that we want our readers to always get latest updated version of software, and not an old copy that we might be hosting on our website. And best place to get latest version is right from publisher’s website.

Regarding who “we” are – we are husband and wife, both with degrees in software. I am Ishan (“the husband”), and Jaya is my better half. We are located in Dallas, Texas (USA) (now we have moved to New Delhi, India).

This website was created because of our passion about blogging in general. We chose the topic of free software because this is what we love, and consider ourselves to be small experts in this field.

That was all about us. Subscribe to our RSS feed, or follow us on Twitter to keep yourself updated as we find best free software for you.

You can contact us here, and check the Privacy Policy of this website here.

  • http://www.weightlosstriumph.com Matthew Denos

    Ishan and Jaya

    You are offering the world a very useful service. Keep up the good work. I hope your site continues to grow. Thank you for taking the time to develop and add new content to ILoveFreeSoftware.

  • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

    Hello Ishan and Jaya,

    I like your website’s content and concept both a lot. You’ve surely done a very good job in the time frame of just 1 yr 8 Months or so, really. I do hope you continue to grow faster than ever and keep sharing good stuff with us.


  • http://www.oldgoatguide.com oldgoat1957

    I came here via a story on Gizmo’s site, and am very impressed. It’s always great to get another resource, thanks for putting this together. I added your RSS feed too.

  • http://christian-esperar.blogspot.com/ Christian Esperar

    Hello Husband and Wife :) Free is one of the best things this day and your site is very useful because it provide some free software that can be best than the paid software, I myself as a blogger also maintain the topic “FREE” in my blog. Unlike your topic, I just post software that is open source which is too limited.

  • http://techaban.com Marzan Chowdhury

    Keep up the good work. This is one of my favorite website now.

  • James

    Thank you for this website , I found many good programs from here.Keep up the good work and best wishes.

  • clearwater

    Hi there Ishan and Jaya;
    I truly love and believe in your website and your hard work to make this world and the internet a better place. Sincere thank you and best blessings to both of you. I am viewing your site from Startpage Proxy so some things may not show on my screen, ex. javascript and animation ect.
    It may be possible I do not see all here. But I do have a suggestion: could maybe some your friends send in info re: conflict issues between programs like MSE or other AV and firewalls. I myself am willing to be a contributor to this type of info that is especially important to non-power users.
    Peace and Love ~DC~

  • http://www.facebook.com/rasheed534 Rasheed Spider’s Silk

    firstly website is so precise, iam game lover and i really like my old gaming stuff here…..continue the good work to grow faster than ever

  • http://www.facebook.com/fikri.ferdian.33 Fikri Ferdian

    Yes i love this website, i also ‘hunting’ free legal and open source ware. This is surely a great solution for every software user which don’t have/won’t spend sum of budged for Paid software. This also can open people mind about good capability of freeware. And please don’t use word ‘…small expert…’ to describe your self. Your goodwill is something precious IMO