Software Testing Service

We are proud to present Software Testing Service that you can use to get your software tested by our researchers. We will test your software on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP, and will share detailed findings with you. We do not use any automated tools for testing; we will test your software as a normal user would use so that we can uncover the bugs that a normal user might face. Our researchers test lot of software for their articles so they know what exactly to look for in each type of software. They can also give you suggestions regarding better user experience, based on their experience with other similar software.

Why do you Need to Use This Software Testing Service:

  • You spend lot of time in designing and developing applications. However, sometimes your team misses to identify simple bugs that spoil user acceptance of your application. That is where our team comes handy. We will try to use the software as a normal user would use, so that you can uncover and fix bugs before a normal user finds about them.
  • We ensure that we test the software on multiple versions of Windows, so that the application works consistently for most of the users. In case of web applications, we test on IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.
  • We properly document all bugs that we come across so that your developers can easily replicate the problem.
  • We can participate in agile testing as well, so that if you fix a bug, we can quickly test that out.
  • You spend lot of money on designing and developing the application. You need to spend at least a part of that in getting the application tested.

What Would be Perfect Time to Use our Software Testing Service:

  • If you have completed your application and are getting ready to launch alpha or beta version, you can use our service before the launch.
  • If you are planning to launch a new version of the application, you can get that tested from us before putting it out in the wild
  • If you are getting lot of complaints from users regarding bugs, you can ask us to do a complete testing of our application to figure our what is going on.

How Much Does Testing Service Costs:

Our testing service starts at $249 for 2 days of testing. You can use this service for a longer period and we will send you quote accordingly.

This is quite a value for money, especially if you see how much money you spend on designing and developing the application.

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