Find GitHub Projects to Contribute to Based on Language, Topic, License

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If you are looking for open-source projects to contribute toSourceSort can help you with that. It is a free website that helps you find Github projects where you can be a part of the development and contribute your skills to the projects of your choice.

This website lists hundreds of projects from the GitHub and provides various filters to find the projects as per your needs and skills. With those filters, you can look for the projects based on the topics, license, programming languages used, project size, contribution hours, and more. You can also look for projects with complete documentation and contribution instructions to get started easily. With that said, let’s go through this website thoroughly and see how it works.

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Find GitHub Projects to Contribute to with SourceSort

SourceSort makes the process of finding open-source projects for contribution really simple and easy. It is a single-page website with a list of hundreds of open-source projects open for contributions. You can browse the list and use the search tool to find the perfect open-source project to contribute to.

find github projects for contributions

Apart from the search, you can sort the projects based on the following filters:

  • Programming Languages
  • Topics
  • Number of Stars
  • Number of Contributors
  • Project Size (in Bytes)
  • License
  • Code of Conduct
  • Projects with Documentation
  • Projects with Contribution Instructions

Each project in the list shows the project name and brief description along with the topics involved in the project. This information is followed by the PR response time and the total number of contributors to the project so far. Tapping a project from the list takes you to that project on the GitHub where you can contact the project admin for contribution.

Give it a try here.

Wrap Up

SourceSort is a nice platform to easily find the perfect open source projects to contribute to based on your needs and skills. It eliminates the frustrating process of searching projects one by one for contribution. With this website, you can save all that time and spend it in the development of the open-source projects you like.

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