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[Total: 1 Average: 5] is a free online service to reorganize elements of your list. Let’s say you have a list, which has lot of rows, and multiple data points in each row (see example in the screenshot below). Now, you want to rearrange the data elements in the rows. Once way to do it is to use Excel by doing some neat trickery (first save list as csv, open in Excel so that each list element becomes a column, rearrange the columns, save back as csv, and open in Notepad to get reorganized list back). What if there was a dead simple way to do all this? What if there was a service to which you could just “tell” how you want the elements of your list to be ordered, and it does just that? Well, that’s exactly what Transformy is.

Transformy lets you copy all your data to its interface. Then it asks you to give an example of how you want the first row of the data to be arranged. Based on that example, it organizes the complete list. That’s all you need to do! Main

How to Convert a List of Data Using Transformy

Trasformy can handle any data that follows a particular pattern, for example runs scored in a cricket match, marks scored by different students in an exam, etc. As far as I know, you will not find another tool that can do as well as Transformy in managing such data. If you ask me, MS Excel (and its alternatives) should have been easier with such a feature integrated to it! Well, that’s another issue! Now, let’s see how this wonder works! is free and extremely easy to use. You do not need to open an account or sign in to use this tool. Simply go to site and click o the “Get started button.” Work Space

As you can see in the image above, paste the source data that you want to manipulate on the first box. On the second box (green box), type in the example (the format to which you want to transform your data). On the third box, Trasformy will look up your example and transform the data from the source data into the same format as your example.

Let’s make this clearer with an example! I will try to covert a data containing student names, roll nos., scores, and their sections, into a data that contains only student names and their  scores! Convert Data

I hope the example above makes it clear to understand what Transformy is all about! Nothing can get any simpler than this.

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Conclusion is super easy to use! The tool can convert any type of data following a particular pattern into a refined list, simply by providing an example format, in just a matter of seconds! It has a simple and clean UI which makes the tool easy operate. Moreover, the service is free! So, if you have such painfully huge data to manage, will save you lot a lot of time and energy!

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