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WhoReadMe is a free email tracking service to monitor sent mails and give you proof when your message is received. This email read receipt also assures you that your message will go straight to your recipients and that the said tracked emails will remain private. In other words, WhoReadMe is the system used to track email status and sends you an email read confirmation when your message is opened.

Email tracking is a system for monitoring emails sent to intended recipients, and even reveals the exact time and date your message is received and read. Free email tracking is of great help when you want to know if your recipients got your message. Through email read receipt, you will also know when your email has been opened by sending you notifications, though your recipient is doing nothing to notify you once they got your message. This email read confirmation even gives you details of the time your message is sent and the time it has been delivered. And WhoReadMe is the best example of this free email tracking service.

Features of free email tracking service WhoReadMe:


Below are the features of the email tracking WhoReadMe:

  • Sends email notification every time your message is received and read.
  • Determines whether your message is being forwarded to another recipient.
  • Informs you if the said delivery has failed.
  • Sets an expiry date on the email you sent.
  • Calculates duration between the time your email is sent and the time it is opened.
  • Lets you attach files in your message.
  • Sends email notification when the said attachment is downloaded or the link is clicked.
  • Keeps a copy of your sent messages.
  • Tracks recipient location and calculates the distance from you.
  • Imports existing contacts from the email clients you are using.
  • Uploads your own signature to the email you send.
  • Drafts messages and schedules tasks to send out later, and sends confirmation when the said email is sent.
  • Tracks recipient browser details.
  • Supports HTML e-mail.

You can also check out other email tracking services like SpyPig and EmailOracle reviewed by us.

How to Use WhoReadMe?

To get started, all you need is to sign up an account with WhoReadMe. Upon completing the registration, an account activation message will then be sent to your email address for instructions on how to activate your account. You can then start tracking your emails once your account has been activated.

There are two options to send tracked email using WhoReadMe. First, is to log in your WhoReadMe account and send email using the said website. Second, is to send your tracked email using your preferred email client, just add the suffix “” to your recipient’s e-mail address. No need to install additional software.

To track emails, WhoReadMe inserts an invisible tracking image in the message you send. Once the said image is loaded from WhoReadMe, the said server will then send a notification to inform you that your message has already been received and read. Using your WhoReadMe account, click on “Email Status” to see your Tracking Result and Read Notifications.

Through this email tracking server, “I never got your message” is no longer an excuse.

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