5 Wifi Signal Strength Checker Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 wifi signal strength checker apps for Android which you can use to check in more detail what kind of signal quality the wifi networks that you connect to have. Default network app offered by Android gives you some indication of how much signal you have, but if you want to know how good your connection is in something other than 1, 2, 3, 4 bars, you should probably install one of the apps that I covered on the list down below.

Let’s see what exactly it is that they have to offer.

WiFi Signal Strength

wifi signal strength checker apps android 1

WiFi Signal Strength will show a large signal noise gauge at the center of the screen after you first launch it. The signal indicator will obviously work only if you are connected to a wifi network. Lower is better here. Lower noise means better signal quality and faster speeds.

The three buttons on the right hand side are for accessing a more detailed network info, analysis of the wifi channels that you use and a network scanner for detecting devices connected to the network. App also offers widgets for easier access to previously mentioned wifi info.

Get WiFi Signal Strength.

Wifi Analyzer by farproc

wifi signal strength checker apps android 2

Wifi Analyzer is a wifi signal strength checker app that offers pretty much the same kind of information that Wifi Signal Strength does.

Difference between the two is that here in Wifi Analyzer you get to use the tabs at the bottom of the application to switch between the various tools that are available. Channel analyzer is the first one, see image above. You can find out about the current signal quality here as well by looking at the Y axis. Other tabs hide tools like detailed network info, free channel usage checker and more.

Get Wifi Analyzer by farproc.

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WiFi Signal Strength

wifi signal strength checker apps android 3

WiFi Signal Strength lacks the advanced features found in the other two wifi signal strength checker apps that I mentioned up until now.

It only offers a very basic network info, like name of the currently connected wifi network, device IP, and of course at the middle of the screen, there’s the current signal strength level shown in percentages. What made it stand out for me is the feature where it can add the current percentage point values of the wifi connection in the status bar, see image above.

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NETGEAR WiFi Analytics

wifi signal strength checker apps android 4

NETGEAR WiFi Analytics is released by NETGEAR, famous manufacturer of network equipment.

App is small in size but despite that it offers a nice selection of features. There’s the wifi signal strength checker, obviously, channel usage analyzer, room by room signal quality testing and more. Swipe left-right to switch between tools. Or tap on the tabs at the bottom.

Get NETGEAR WiFi Analytics.

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Wifi Analyzer by Webprovider

wifi signal strength checker apps android 5

Wifi Analyzer by Webprovider hides all its tools behind the top right corner menu. On top of pretty much every other tool for wifi analysis mentioned up until now, this wifi signal strength checker app also offers something called signal strength history monitoring.

This tool checks signal quality constantly and draws a diagram of it. The usual tools are also found like the channel analyzer and recommendations, wifi scanner/basic info reports and more.

Get Wifi Analyzer by Webprovider.


Setting up a wifi isn’t always easy. Apps from the list above will be able to help you out select most effective wifi channels to use. The ones I think are best at that are NETGEAR WiFi Analytics and Wifi Analyzer by farproc. They are both very feature rich but at the same time easy to use and understand. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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