5 Websites to Watch Movies Online For Free

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Here are 5 Websites to Watch movies Online for Free. These websites might not have the movies that are released recently, but you would have good chance of finding a movie that was released sometime earlier.

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Hulu is the absolute king in online movies. It has tons of online movies that you can watch for free. It comes with premium account as well that lets you watch even more movies and TV shows. The streaming quality is pretty good, and it does not shows too many ads while watching movies. If you want to watch a movie online for free, start your search with Hulu. If you are able to find that movie on Hulu, you can be rest assured about quality of your movie watching experience. Also check out Hulu Video Downloader.

YouTube Movies

YouTube has now started hosting full movies. These are hosted under mini-site called YouTube Movies. Many of these movies are available for free, while some are available for rental. I really liked their collection of their free movies. The collection is small right now, but YouTube is expanding rapidly. So, head over to YouTube Movies, and start watching movies online for free. Also check out YouTube desktop app.

Rajshri Movies

A list of free online movie streaming websites cannot be free without talking about Bollywood – the largest movie producing market in the world. To watch Hindi movies online for free, check out Rajshri.com. This has a nice collection of Hindi movies. You can see old movies, and not so old movies. All the Rajshri movies end up here at some point. The streaming quality of these movies is pretty good, and this is the best way to watch Hindi movies online for free. Enjoy it in browser for India, and feel the patriotism :)

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Some people might debate that Boxee just pulls content from other websites, and does not host content on its own. But that is actually the best part of Boxee. If there are free movies hosted somewhere, there is a good probability that Boxee would be able to find it. It provides a nice interface to search for and play movies. You can download Boxee app on your computer, your iPhone, or even buy a Boxee box. This is one of the best way to search for free movies online. Read more about Boxee.


Veoh has one of the largest collection of online streaming movies in the world. You can find movies in almost any language, and tons of movies are available for streaming for free. You need to install Veoh Web Player to watch complete movies for free. Veoh was recently sold to another company called Qlipso, and there has been no word on future of Veoh. I do hope that it stays alive.

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