• http://www.carlconrad.net/ Carl

    Regarding Facebook, you should keep in mind the size reduction of the photos. The size has recently be increased to 720 pixels up from 604, enough for sharing but hardly suitable for prints.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/ilovefreesw ilovefreesw

      @Carl: You are absolutely right. I myself prefer to use Shutterfly for photo storage.

  • http://the-couch-lounge.blogspot.com/ Aaron

    Is there a way to upload pictures to Snapfish or Shutterfly via Picasa without any additional software? Picasa is by far my favorite photo manager, but I'm looking for a place to have unlimited storage.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/ilovefreesw ilovefreesw

      @Aaron: Here is how you can upload pictures to Shutterfly from Picasa: http://bit.ly/bjoEe3

  • Nisha Shah

    If you have time, please consider adding another Photo Sharing site.

  • Mike

    Facebook you can share your albums
    under each album there is some text saying

    Share this album with anyone by sending them this public link:
    http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid= (all theses numbers)

    And you can make your albums public, so anyone who decides to look at your photos can see them. But even if your album is private, you can still use that link thing above.

  • som

    love this information…..i love ppl like u who donate their time to gv knowledge

  • karlota

    I use webshots and it’s free unlimited too.. I’ll check out shutterfly.. thanks for sharing

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  • http://yanbirog.co.nr yan

    hi, do shutterfly and snapfish resize photos like facebook does? i’ve been using multiply for photos over facebook because the original resolution is preserved but just recently, multiply has resized every thing in my albums so i’m planning on moving out.

    shutterfly or snapfish?

  • Angela

    I think you could also consider Kinzin.com. They offer a free photo sharing website too and what’s also great about them is that you can share photos with groups or other people so that they can also create photo items (i.e. prints, photo books, trading cards, calendars) using those same photos.

  • StevenHolleman

    I have a quick question here: Do these sites have an upload limit? Because when I started looking around sites that offer free accounts and pro accounts usually hold pretty strict upload limits on free accounts

  • riche rich

    well i will go for http://deffe.com any way , just registered five months back and uploaded 4k+ never got ant storage problem with the site, its album sharing with a custom domain is good , it’s offering this custom domain, free for every member , you can have a look at it’s functionality at nature.deffe.com