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  • Marcus

    I love this, although it´s kinda of a turn-off that you can´t use it with litestep, or any other shell for that matter.

  • Tesuji

    360 Desktop WAS an excellent program for almost unlimited extension of your desktop (size). Essential for Netbooks.
    Sadly it seems the program’s home site ’360desktop.com’ is down for good.
    This prevents any users of 360 Desktop Manager from obtaining or even creating any additional/new desktop 360′s to add for program use.

    The site was up and down for a couple months but hasn’t been available for 2 months at this point.
    It’s a shame too since this ‘add-on’ offered a neat effect along with great functionality.
    The other odd bit is that the program itself is still available for download all over the web from the usual distribution sites; but it only comes loaded with 2 (two) 360 backgrounds and no ability to add more.

    • http://www.ilovefreesoftware.com/ Ishan

      @Tesuji: Thanks for sharing the info about 360Desktop. It was indeed quite a good software, but I am not sure why the website is down.